Remove blockages, negativity, anxiety, depression

Is your life being affected by someone wishing evil on you? Are you having bad luck in relationships are they always failing? Health reasons that can’t be medical explain? Is mishap after mishap occurs out of nowhere there could be negative energy that is blocking you.

Spiritual Botanica specializes in custom-made oils, washes, baths, salts, amulets, Mojo bags, sprays, incense, statues, herbs, handmade jewelry and candles for any intention.

In addition to our items, we offer a selection of psychic readings and folk spiritual services.

Spiritual work for Love, Money, legal matters, health, and more!

Candle service, candle reports, ritual service, altar service

Problem Solution

Call Upon the Power and Wisdom of our In House Spiritualists

Let Spiritual Botanica’s Spiritualist help you achieve your deepest wishes and desires using their unique power and wisdom. Let them bless and light the candles, perform the remedies and say the prayers you need to help you find the guidance and results you deserve.

All problems are solved from the positive side.


  • Candle Alter Service
  • Candle Report
  • Spiritual Cleansing
  • Folk Remedy Service
  • and More

Candle burning service also available.

If you lack the confidence or the privacy to perform your own candle burning, we do it for you. All candles are dressed and prepared with spiritual oils and herbal powders and then prayed over. Your candles will be burned on one of the many altars we have in our store. We customize our ritual service to fit your needs. Give Spiritual Botanica a call and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help.

Help with Money, Luck, Success, Relationships, business, Health, and More

Our Curandero Folk Healer removes all forms of Negative Energy and Black Magic Spells

  • Spirit Attachments
  • Evil Eye
  • Generational Curses
  • Reunites Lovers
  • Restores Communication
  • Stops Divorce

By Appointment Only

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